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France boat shows

A new wave of optimism is taking hold of the French nautical sector, with boatyards busy and exports at a record high. Domestic sales, however, remain stubbornly soft, taking the gloss off an otherwise positive outlook

Genoa BOat Show

The market may only be returning to the size it was back in 2001, but there’s a growing sense of optimism that 2017 will be a decent year driven by domestic recovery as well as rising exports

UK overview

The latest figures from British Marine make encouraging reading, but a lot has happened since January 2016, not least Brexit and the election of a new US President.

spain overview

New maritime laws introduced in late 2014 to help kick-start the industry have led to a slight rebound of sorts

Multiflex Factory

Buoyed up by new government initiatives, India is stealing the spotlight from China as the place to manufacture marine equipment. Meanwhile, a thriving domestic market may not be far behind

Bestevaer 45ST Pure

While leisure marine firms in Holland continue to struggle with weak domestic demand, exports are helping to lift sales in a slowly recovering market

A buoyant economy, marine-friendly government and highly skilled workforce have helped the kiwi industry to re-establish itself in the wake of the global crisis

IBI Euro round-up 2016

The August/September issue of IBI looks at how European marine firms are coping in the wake of ongoing economic and political turbulence.

Market overview: US

New boat sales were strong in the first quarter, but question marks around the high-profit sterndrive and cruiser segments remain

Europe's largest economy continues to grow in the face of global turmoil. With consumer spending on the rise, german marine firms are on solid ground