over 100 boats exhibited at the Gold Coast Expo in May

Over 100 boats exhibited at the Gold Coast Expo in May

A fall in the value of the Australian dollar of nearly 20% over the past 18 months has made Australia’s yacht-makers and marine equipment manufacturers more competitive in international markets.

This is just one of a number of contributory factors that are injecting new confindence into the country’s leisure marine industry.

Recent changes in coastal shipping laws to allow foreign yachts to charter and amendments to regulations ruling the sector also look like a boon to growth.

The news that larger superyachts will now be allowed access to the Great Barrier Reef is yet another major move forward and follows on the country’s efforts to attract more big-boat business to its shores.


Note: This is an excerpt of the latest report on the German market published in the April/May 2015 edition of IBI magazine. IBI Plus subscribers can download the full report from IBI Plus website.