Great cruising grounds may be a boon for the charter market, but lack of infrastructure is pegging back market growth

After a number of lean years, a rise in exports has finally brought some good news for the French nautical market. However, the sluggish domestic market remains cause for concern

Many Italian companies report sales that are half of their 2007 highs, but everyone is happy to see the industry moving in the right direction

IBI investigates the impact of the economic slowdown in china on the key south East Asia boating markets of Brunei, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand

The UK‘s marine industry reports continued, if unspectacular, growth supported by surprisingly good results in the small craft sector

The US equipment sector is experiencing a growth year that will probably end in the mid-single digits. With new-boat sales on the rise, many OEM equipment manufacturers are also reporting stronger sales

Industries and markets in the Netherlands have all been hit hard, but there is now a clear sense that the Dutch economy is slowly but surely coming out of the protracted recession it suffered from 2012 to 2014

Mexico could be the ideal candidate for a prosperous boating industry. It has thousands of miles of coastline on both the Atlantic and Pacific, dozens of inland lakes, upscale resorts like Cancun and Los Cabos that are now boating destinations, and a relatively affluent middle class

Canadian marine equipment manufacturers enjoy a smooth sailing these days, with a stable domestic market and a growing interest in developing export trade

Brazil’s boating industry has done an extreme- about face in the last five years. According to industry statistics, new-boat sales are down 30%-40% in the last year, following two previous years of declines. Every boatbuilder is feeling the pain