Various changes are giving the Australian leisure marine industry greater confidence about the future

Almost everyone in the US industry, except the sailboat and sterndrive segments, see 2015 as the definitive recovery year

Back in the gloomy days of 2008, at the start of the global financial crisis and the impending storm that would affect the leisure boating industry in europe and the uS, the Gulf was seen by many as a market that would provide a lifeline for the boating industry. However,…

With the average German boater aged 56, there is concern that the industry is failing to attract a younger audience. But new companies are now making headway

That the Scandinavian market appears to be in resurgence was evidenced at boat shows across the region

The leisure marine industry in Colombia comprises dozen of boatbuilders, the majority headquartered on the Caribbean coast

The French nautical industry is harbouring hopes of recovery. Full French market overview from the February/March edition of IBI magazine

A glimpse onboard Grand soleil’s 46 LC — the first in a new series of blue-water cruising vessels

In-depth information on the leisure marine industry in Italy as published in the February edition of IBI magazine

Super Air Nautique G21

The good times are coming back, say many US builders, but the way of doing business is nothing like previous up markets

Argentina's Segue 58

While marine products are selling well in Colombia, other regions such as Venezuela, Argentina and Brazil are struggling with tax increases and currency control policies