Seakeeper, a US manufacturer of gyro stabilisation systems, has launched its newest demo boat equipped with its state-of-the-art, battery-powered Seakeeper 3DC.

The company has also announced that its outboard-powered Contender 35 ST is available for sea trials out of its homeport of Great Bay Marina in Little Egg Harbor, New Jersey, in the US.

Deep V hull forms offer a great ride while underway, but can suffer excessive roll at slow speed or rest. On the Contender 35 ST, it was proven that by adding the Seakeeper 3DC, boaters can remove the principle drawback of deep V hulls, the company claims.

The gyro on the Contender 35 ST is mounted at deck level, hidden underneath the leaning post. The work was completed by Viking Yacht Center of New Gretna, New Jersey, in the US. It’s not only the first Seakeeper 3DC to be installed, but the first of any model that isn’t below the flooring, proving the flexibility offered to both refits and OEMs.

During its sea trials, the weather conditions provided an ideal environment to test the performance of the Seakeeper. A small craft advisory was in effect. Even with a .9m wave height and winds gusting to 30 knots, the Seakeeper 3DC produced a 94% reduction of roll. The official report is available online.

“The results of the sea trials are simply astounding,” says Andrew Semprevivo, Seakeeper VP of sales and marketing. “The ability to stabilize a deep V, and to demonstrate the gyro’s versatility in placement and power source is a real game-changer within the industry.”

Boats with deep dead rises can be a safe and comfortable platform. This means less motion sickness and more energy at the end of the day. For coastal and offshore anglers, it translates into more hours on the water, with the ability to fish effectively in a wide range of conditions, including a beam sea.

Seakeeper says because the gyro is battery-powered, there’s no longer the need to have a generator onboard. “It requires only a modest 500–1,000 watts, depending on sea conditions. The Seakeeper 3DC is virtually silent, providing great adaptability in installation locations,” reads a statement.