Webasto has expanded its product line with the addition of BlueCool A/C units

The two complete new ranges of high quality R140A A/C-systems is designed to provide high efficiency cooling in all, even extreme, climate conditions.

All units have been developed and tested against the highest engineering standards.

With the BlueCool S-Series, Webasto is proposing six new models of compact self-contained air-conditioners with cooling capacities between 8,000 and 27,000 BTU/h.

These units provide a perfect fit for boats with up to three cabins.

With the BlueCool C-Series Webasto developed eight new modular robust chilled water systems with cooling capacities from 16,000 to 108,000 BTU/h. All new systems come with unique PC diagnosis functions via USB cable.

Users and installers will enjoy fast and easy servicing and installation. Systems are up to 27% smaller, up to 10% lighter and up to 25% noise reduction was achieved.

Website: www.webasto-marine.com