Princess Yachts has released more information on its new R35 design scheduled for its debut at the Cannes Yacht Festival in September.

The R35 is the first Princess R Class performance sports yacht. According to the company it combines revolutionary performance capabilities, stunning design, quality, and race-bred technology to deliver a unique on-water experience at all speeds. Designed in partnership with world-famous Ben Ainslie Racing Technologies (BAR Technologies) and Pininfarina, the design has incorporated America’s Cup technology through its Princess Active Foil System (AFS) to optimise stability and manoeuvrability in all sea conditions, allowing for a much lower drag hull form to re-define ride comfort and high-speed cornering ability. The hull uses a new lightweight carbon-fibre monocoque hull structure designed in collaboration with legendary Italian styling house Pininfarina.

“The R35 is a rare mix of extreme elegance and technology. Often design is a triumph of beauty over function or function over beauty. Princess has been able to develop a technologically game-changing yacht that is also stunningly beautiful. It is in every way a new experience, yet also instantly recognisable as a Princess.”  Said Antony Sheriff, executive chairman of Princess Yachts.

IBI spoke today with the marketing director of Princess Yachts Kiran Haslam; “The inspiration for the R35 came from many sources, but focused on one clear goal: how could Princess deliver a beautiful and elegant yacht that re-defines dynamic performance? We wanted to raise the bar: was it possible, using a dynamic foil system, to dramatically improve stability and sea keeping on the R35, whilst reducing drag by up to 30 per cent?  The result is the ingenious Princess Active Foil System (AFS). Twin moving foils beneath the waterline provide improved dynamic stability, raise the performance bar and increase efficiency. AFS does not elevate the hull above the waterline like the America’s Cup sailing yachts. Instead, it uses the lift to dynamically adjust the heel and running angle, optimising ride and comfort. Incorporated in a small, dynamic sports yacht like the R35, the benefits of AFS are immediately and dramatically obvious.  This ‘revolution’ started with a simple idea: to speak to people we haven’t spoken to before and to engage a totally new type of customer, whilst exciting and delivering a true Princess to our existing family of owners and fans”.

Haslam commented on Princess’s recent financial performance and future model development:

“Having delivered record financial results in 2017, our highest ever annual sales performance, a return to profitability, and over $1bn of advanced orders, the R35 rides the waves of recent successes and will be the first of six new launches in the second half of the year that are set to help Princess deliver even stronger financial results for 2018”.

Paul MacKenzie, Product Development Director at Princess Yachts commented on the technical aspects of the new R35:

“We wanted to bring America’s Cup foiling prowess into the luxury yacht market in an entirely new way. But the brief wasn’t ‘how can we include foils’ – rather it was ‘how can we build a hull that is noticeably more efficient, stable and faster. The Princess AFS is a unique design that helps deliver not just the fastest Princess ever, but also the most exhilarating yacht ride. AFS engages twin carbonfibre custom-engineered foils beneath the waterline to reduce drag and provide unrivalled stability – it also helps the R35 achieve fuel efficiency savings of almost 30 per cent at cruising speed. The port and starboard foils can adjust independently of each other by +/- 5 degrees with the foil positioning being calculated automatically by an on-board computer that takes input from pitch, roll and heave acceleration from a high resolution IMU (inertial measurement unit), boat speed, engine revs, steering input and user selected modes.  The optimal foil position is computed 100 times per second with almost instant foil response as required to give the boat exceptional comfort and stability. Carbon closes the innovation loop, core to the effective installation of the AFS system was a rigid, predictable and lightweight hull. A full carbonfibre monocoque structure was the only option to fully optimise the potential for Princess’s revolutionary R35 design: the first time this has been seen in a Princess, and any series boat of this size and price point”.

The Princess R35 is 10.89m long with a beam of 3.27m and a lightship displacement of 4.5 tonnes. Twin Volvo Petrol V8 430hp engines give a maximum speed range of – 45-50 knots.