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Market Overview | France


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UK Stats & Facts

South Korea

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Norway & Sweden

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New Zealand

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UAE Overview

Europe-US Trade

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IBI Market Overviews

IC Boat Sales snapshot

Global boat industry report published


Research firm expects a 25% drop in global boat sales for 2020

Market Overview | Denmark


Full order books and momentum from a healthy 2019 have bought builders and their suppliers vital time in the COVID-19 battle

Market Overview | Finland


Off the back of one of the most positive Helsinki boat shows in years, Finland’s marine industry had been looking forward to a buoyant 2020. Now it waits anxiously to see what tomorrow brings

Market Overview | Gemany


Cracks were already beginning to appear in the industry, despite a buoyant Boot Düsseldorf, with growing sales of bigger boats masking softness in other sectors. Covid-19 has now set alarm bells ringing

Market Overview | France


Ten years after the 2008 financial crisis, a smile has returned to the faces of leisure boat professionals in France. But the good results are mainly from exports as the home market remains lacklustre

Market Overview | Italy


Italy’s industry is riding high, but can the growth rate be sustained?  Exports and confidence continue to rise as the industry gets ready for what it predicts will be another good year