The Association of Marina Industries (AMI) has announced the release of its Economic Impact Calculator, a tool that lets a marina input gross revenues to calculate its impact on the local and regional economy.

“It was important to invest in this tool as an association to get a picture of the value that marina’s bring to our nation’s economy,” explains AMI chairman Brad Gross.

The information produced by this model is valuable to marina managers and owners who can use the impact figures to justify construction or expansion, to obtain grant funds such as Boating Infrastructure Grants, or to prove the value of their business to its community leaders.

In addition, lenders can benefit from this tool by having a knowledge of the properties that they are looking to finance or that they have acquired.

The tool will aggregate user results by region providing a comprehensive picture of just how economically valuable marinas are to local, regional, and the country-wide economy.

This will provide AMI and its members better insight into the overall economic impact of marinas across the United States.

The model was funded by sponsorships from Anchor South, Safe Harbor Marinas, Suntex Marinas, The California Association of Harbor Masters and Port Captains, Westrec Marinas, Kentucky Marina Association and Tennessee Marina Association along with $40,000 in funding from AMI.

The model is now live on the AMI website.

Use of the calculator is free, but limited to just one use annually per facility to ensure aggregate figures are accurate.