BOS products have the potential to solve the common problems facing most charter businesses

Austrian company Pitter yachtcharter has 35 years’ experience to draw on when choosing the perfect technical specification for a charter yacht. It currently operates from 30 bases in eight countries with a fleet of more than 500 sailing yachts, catamarans, and motor catamarans.


The BOS LE300

Pitter has been trialling BOS LE300 lithium extension smart batteries. It has chosen this easily implemented system as a means to augment the power capacity of its charter boats by adding to existing lead acid batteries using the LE300’s plug and play capabilities. We caught up with the company’s chief operating officer, Ante Brzić, for a brief Q&A to learn more.

What made you decide to buy the LE300 for your sail yachts?

We decided to try the BOS LE300 because of an excellent presentation.

BOS products have the potential to solve the common problems we face as a charter business, such as a higher power consumption on ships. We believe the combination of combining existing gel cells on our vessels with lithium smart batteries could be a long-term solution.

What would you say are the greatest benefits of the LE300 for yacht charter businesses?

One major benefit of the LE300 is that it allows you to increase your battery capacity without the additional cost of chargers and other equipment. We want to use BOS products to enable our charter customers to stay at sea as long as possible without having to worry too much about power consumption.

You can learn more about the BOS LE300 Smart Battery System here