The latest news on one of the industry's hottest topics: improving the sustainability of boating through more eco-friendly products, by reducing the impact of manufacturing, encouraging more recycling, and preserving the natural resources recreational boating depends on.


EC Green Deal statement

European death knell for internal combustion engines?

IBI , by Arlene Sloan

The European Commission signals its timeline for banning internal combustion engines on roadways across the 27-nation region

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IBEX to host webinar on composites recycling in boatbuilding

Registration now open for next week’s event

Ski Nautique E

Correct Craft to be carbon-neutral by 2025

Boatbuilder accelerates commitment to become fully carbon-neutral in four more years

Vinssen Hydrogenia

South Korea’s first commercial hydrogen boat unveiled

IBI , by Neil Eaves

The development is part of South Korea’s 2030 Green Ship-K Promotion Strategy

Volvo Penta

Volvo Penta and ZEM team up on marine electrification


Battery specialist ZEM already has a strong track record in marine electrification in Norway


Water Revolution Foundation launches crowdfunding drive

The Water Revolution Foundation has begun a crowdfunding drive in the global superyacht sector to raise both money to protect marine mammals in the North Atlantic and awareness that the industry “is intrinsically connected to the oceans”.

Suzuki Plastics filter

Suzuki US engages water taxi service to help test new micro-plastics filter

IBI , by Craig Ritchie

Collaboration with Tampa-area commercial taxi to provide accelerated, real-world analysis of outboard-mounted micro-plastics collection device


AkzoNobel accelerates sustainability efforts in China

Around 8,000 solar panels are being installed at facilities in Shanghai and Guangzhou


ICOMIA publishes Climate Change Policy

International Council of Marine Industry Associations proposes call to action

Dutch marina

EU counts on ‘blue economy’ to help make Europe climate-neutral

The EU counts on Europe’s ‘blue economy’ – which comprises ship and boat building, shipping, tourism, offshore energy, ports, marinas, fishing etc – to help make the continent climate-neutral by 2050.

luxury yacht

Japanese engine manufacturers collaborate to develop hydrogen technology

IBI , by Craig Ritchie

Yanmar, Kawasaki, JEC enter into new cooperative venture to develop hydrogen-fuelled marine engines by 2025

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Correct Craft to build hydrogen-powered boat

IBI , by Neil Eaves

Watershed Innovation adds its support to Zero Emission Industries’ project

volvo-daimler joint venture

Volvo-Daimler to make hydrogen fuel cells in Europe

Sweden’s Volvo Group and Germany’s Daimler AG announced today they will start developing, producing and commercialising fuel cells in Europe by 2025 via their joint venture – ’cellcentric’ –  and called for EU policies to help make zero-emission technology commercially viable

Vaan Yachts R4

Vaan Yachts sees drive for sustainable boatbuilding finding a market

IBI , by Robert Wielaard

Dutch builder prepares for launch of first highly sustainable sailing cat

EuCIA EBI photo

Composites and boating team up on circular economy

Aim is to jointly tackle the key challenges around circularity of composites used in the recreational boating industry and promote sustainable recycling solutions to the supply chain for end-of-life boats



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