Capri harbour from above / Photo by Arpingstone

Capri harbour from above / Photo by Arpingstone

Russian investors may be among the main bidders for the purchase of several Italian marinas, IBI‘s correspondent Eugene Gerden reports.

According to a recent announcement by the Italian government, five yacht marinas – including ones in Capri and Sardinia, the most popular yachting destinations among Russian yacht owners – may soon be put up for tender.

An official spokesman for the Italian government also said that up to 2,500 places for yachts, valued at €50m, will be put up for sale at the initial stage, although these figures might later be significantly increased.

In addition, some Italian media reports that the greatest interest coming from wealthy locals is for the port of Capri, which is designed for 300 yachts.

Sources close to Invitalia, the Italian national agency for investment promotion and development, said that in the case of high investor demand for marinas, the same decision may be taken for marinas in Salerno, Trieste and southern Calabria.

In the meantime, there is a possibility that a similar decision may be taken by the government of Greece. To date, the Greek government has already decided to sell marinas in the ports of Piraeus and Thessaloniki. Tenders for their sale will be announced by the end of October of the current year.