X-Craft in the Netherlands has revealed details of 10DER, the new addition to its portfolio of superyacht tenders.

Pieter van Geest of Van Geest Design was responsible for the appearance of the boat. With a beam of 2.85 metres, the X-Craft 10DER can accommodate 12 guests in addition to the two-person crew.

With a beam of 2.85 metres, the X-Craft 10DER can easily accommodate 12 guests

With a beam of 2.85 metres, the X-Craft 10DER can  accommodate 12 guests

There is a U-shaped sitting area in the bow, as well as others forward and aft of the steering console, and on the aft deck. In addition, the new model has been designed to ensure easy and safe boarding and exit.

The 10-metre X-Craft 10DER can be delivered with one or two inboard engines combined with sterndrives, as desired. With a top speed of over 45 knots, the builder claims that even in heavy seas, this highly manoeuvrable tender continues to provide exceptionally comfortable and dry sailing, typical of the hull designs by Adam Younger.

In terms of finishing, X-Craft offers a wide range of choices for the appearance of the deck, colours and materials, the layout of the dashboard, as well as many other made-to-measure options. The hull colour can obviously be harmonised with the colour scheme of the mothership.

A wide range of choices are available for the appearance the boat

The appearance of the deck, colours and materials, and the layout of the dashboard can be made to match the mothership

Commenting on the project, Pieter van Geest, CEO of Van Geest Design, says: “When X-Craft asked Van Geest Design to design a 10 meter superyacht tender they added in the design brief some key words reflecting on their brand and product. Strong and powerful were performance orientated points. No nonsense, uncluttered and multi-functional, more aesthetical. It gave us a good challenge that resulted in a lean somewhat aggressive looking yacht. Combining our pure design and X-Crafts’ habit of applying extra attention to the details makes the 10DER an unique super yacht tender that will certainly attract the eye where-ever it appears.”

Headquartered in Zwaag, X-Craft builds tenders in sizes ranging from 5.5m to 10m and also specialises in one-off projects. The X-Craft 10DER is entirely focused on the superyacht market.