With strong banks and sound fiscal policies, Canada emerged from the global financial crisis relatively unscathed. The evidence can be seen in the continued strength of its recreational boating industry

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Surrounded by three oceans, boasting the world’s longest coastline, and with more lakes within its borders than in the rest of the world combined, Canada is a nation made for boats.

Having emerged comparatively unscathed from the global recession thanks to strong banks and conservative lending policies, Canada today enjoys a stable economy, a robust currency and growing international trade.

Although more modest in size than the country’s vast geography might suggest, Canada’s marine market and boating industry are also doing very well indeed. In January, the National Marine Manufacturers Association Canada (NMMA Canada) released its first annual Canadian Recreational Boating Statistical Abstract at the Toronto International Boat Show.

That document revealed that in 2011 (the last full year of data available) there were 44,400 new boats sold in Canada with an estimated retail value of C$1.6bn, along with sales of 54,247 pre-owned and brokerage boats with an estimated retail value of C$1.0bn. Boat and outboard engine sales in 2011 totalled C$2.8bn. (1 C$= 0.97 US$).

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