The passarelle has 700 mm width and extends some 5850 mm from the hull

The passarelle has 700 mm width and extends some 5850 mm from the hull

Cramm Yachting Systems in the Netherlands has successfully integrated a new passerelle onboard a Dutch-built superyacht delivered several years ago.

A Cramm service engineer visited the yacht in the south of France for an inspection and developed a passerelle with an upgraded construction based on requirements discussed with the captain. The proposal was accepted by the client, and the new passerelle went into production.

During the process, the question arose as to whether the existing passerelle box needed to be replaced or whether it could be adapted to the new passerelle. As removing an existing box is a huge task, it was decided in consultation with the client to keep the existing box and install the Cramm guided carriage therein.

The new passerelle consists of aluminium and stainless steel, has a width of 700 mm and extends some 5850 mm from the hull. It is equipped with LED-lighting along both sides and first class yacht quality teak has been used on the gangway. After installation and commissioning by Cramm service engineers, the passerelle operated perfectly and was officially handed over to the crew.

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