New Zealand sail-maker Doyle Sails has launched Stratis Sail Art – a new system that allows photo-quality custom printing on sails for the first time ever, the company claims.

The first yacht to be fitted with Stratis Sail Art sails is Comar Yachts’ Shadow. The 100ft yacht, launched in 2011, was fitted with membranes made by Doyle Stratis in New Zealand, complete with photo-quality octopus, and finished by the Doyle Sails loft Palma team.

Moving away from the traditional technique of painting directly onto sail, Doyle Sails New Zealand’s team printed onto the Stratis sail surfaces to create two octopi stretching down each sail on each side.

Despite layers of detail, the end result is said to be noticeably lighter than the sail would be if the image were created using the traditional approach of layering paint by hand; something that can add 10-15kg to a sail, says Doyle.

“Stratis Sail Art is the next generation in sail art,” says Chris McMaster, managing director at Doyle Sails New Zealand. “It adds negligible weight to the end product, while maintaining the integrity of the sail and performance Stratis is known for.”

Doyle Sails New Zealand is one of the world’s leading sail-makers, offering Stratis, Stratis ICE and a range of other products. Its Auckland sail loft is said to be the biggest in the Southern Hemisphere.