European Boating Industry has announced a partnership with for PlugBoat, the 2nd World Electric & Hybrid Boat Summit. The event will take place from 30 September to 2 October 2015 in Amsterdam and Friesland in the Netherlands.

Organised for the first time in 2013 in Nice, France, PlugBoat offers a high-quality global platform for all players in the marine electric and hybrid mobility markets, for both transportation and leisure use.

By entering this partnership, European Boating Industry aims to “support the pioneering and innovative work of European companies in developing new, energy-efficient and clean solutions for boating,” says the trade association in a statement.

The Congress is build for and by the participants. Participants can submit papers and topics for discussion based on the seven identified areas. Deadline for submission is 15 May.

Study tour

After two days in Amsterdam for the Congress, participants will be taken on a study tour in Friesland to E-Boats already in operation, as well as to test some craft that will be showcased especially at PlugBoat.

Plugboat 2015 is sponsored by German electric motor manufacturer Torqeedo.