Elandra’s first sale to the US of its signature 53 model is scheduled for delivery mid-2016

Elandra Yachts has released bolstered American sales targets of up to 70%, with the combined effect of the plunging Australian currency and particularly buoyant economic conditions in the US providing a boost for exporters.

The announcement follows on from the falling trend of Australian dollar as the currency dropped below 70 US cents in the first month of 2016.

“The US market has been central to our plans for international growth from the beginning, but with the Aussie dollar in decline and the American economy so strong right now, we made the decision to capitalise on these factors by bringing forward our goal to establish a presence in America,” Elandra Yachts managing director Luke Durman says.

Elandra Yachts has representation in Florida, a location that is strategically important ahead of its showing on the east coast boat show circuit this year. The company is also building a network of select US dealers.

Elandra’s first sale to the US of its signature 53 model is scheduled for delivery mid-2016. The yacht will be displayed at this year’s Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show. A new 49 sports yacht model is US-bound as well.

“The Elandra brand has been creating quite a stir among seasoned boating enthusiasts here on the east coast of the US, where Australian-built products are generally well regarded for their superior craftsmanship,” says Mike Usina, president of Elandra Yacht Sales in the Americas.

As financial analysts predict the Australian currency will continue to weaken through the first quarter of the year, Elandra continues its period of rapid growth, with focus on the US, Australian and New Zealand markets.

The company has committed $3.5 million to research and development in 2016 and 2017, against a backdrop of a broader recovery within the Australian boating industry.