ENL will celebrate 70-years of operation throughout 2016

ENL will celebrate 70-years of operation throughout 2016

Electronic Navigation Ltd (ENL), a New Zealand-based distributor and manufacturer of marine electronics, will achieve a significant milestone throughout 2016 as it celebrates 70 years of operation.

Headquartered in Auckland, ENL started as a small public company by Russel Thomas and Duncan Cox; 70 years later the ENL Group operates between its three offices in Auckland and Nelson and more recently a satellite office in Europe supporting its locally manufactured global brand WASSP Multi-Beam Sonar.

The company also runs a network of 70 Furuno dealers in New Zealand and the South Pacific and 30 WASSP distributors globally.

In its formative years, the company’s primary focus was the servicing of electronics for the commercial fishing industry. ENL then diversified into manufacturing radio direction finders and double sideband radios. During the early 1960s former Navy man Jack Williamson (MBE) took over the company and signed up as New Zealand’s Furuno agent.

In the 70s the firm moved to the hands of Mike Hodson, who took over 100% ownership of ENL. This was a significant milestone for the company allowing Hodson to take control of his vision and in 1990 ENL R&D was established, focusing on game-changing technology for the commercial fishing sector.

ENL has been Furuno’s exclusive New Zealand distributor for over 50 years. The relationship was solidified in 2014 when Furuno took a 10% shareholding in the company, increasing that to 29.5% in 2015.

Another testament to the Furuno & ENL partnership is Furuno of Japan. The company has been the WASSP distributor in 22 countries since 2010.

ENL’s managing director Gareth Hodson comments: “ENL came from very small beginnings with a focus on innovation, thinking outside the square mentality where anything is possible. To celebrate 70-years after enduring many challenges and successes is outstanding for us. We are very proud of what we have achieved here at ENL not only in our local domestic market but also with our global export sales of WASSP. We look forward to celebrating this milestone throughout 2016 with our key partners and customers.”