New model will debut at the boat show in Düsseldorf

New model will debut at the boat show in Düsseldorf

Dehler, a brand of Germany’s HanseGroup, has announced the addition of Dehler 42 to its product line. The new model will be ready for the end of the season in Northern Europe. The first boat should be ready by January 2016 and will celebrate its premiere at the boat show in Düsseldorf.

The Dehler 42 has a total length of 12.40m, a water line length of 11.50m and a width of 3.93 m. Three keel versions are available: Standard T-keel with 2.15 m, competition T-keel with 2.40 m and an L-shape keel with 1.98 m. The yacht is controlled with two steering wheels.

The boatbuilder has taken the mission to offer pure sailing enjoyment with this model. The task has been accomplished, the builder says, with different expansion levels, which enables the model to be transformed from a comfortable touring version into a competitive sporty model with a wide range of options.

The sporty attitude is also emphasized with an inserted 2-spreader mast, which is positioned on the keel, absorbs the occurring loads optimally and distributes them over the entire floor structure. The bottom structure is reinforced with carbon fibre and has an extremely high rigidity. The boatbuilder calls is the Dehler Carbon Cage.

Some valuable details were taken from previous models, including the Dehler 38 and 46, such as on the exterior in the round and appealing shapes of the roof structure, the window design with aluminium trim above, as well as the hull shape with steep stern and wide rear.