IMS 700 inauguration ceremony

IMS 700 inauguration ceremony

IMS Shipyard, one of the largest refit and repair yards on the Mediterranean, inaugurated its new IMS 700 site last month in the presence of over 600 guests and local dignitaries.

After nine months of hard work, the former naval air base in Saint Mandrier, France, has been completely transformed and, together with the IMS 300 site, the company can now simultaneously house up to 100 yachts from 20m-80m in length.

“This is an exceptional development, extremely important for the naval repair industry,” says IMS CEO Denis Pellegrino. “Up until now, there was no site of this scale in the Mediterranean. We are proud to meet the challenge and thank all those who believed in this project and supported us during its execution.”

The site’s former control tower, a listed building that now houses the VIP areas, overlooks the entire area covering 110,000sq m (60,000 on land and 50,000 at sea) on the Bay of Toulon.

Other features include a 100m dock, 15 berth pontoons protected by a floating breakwater, a 670-tonne travelift, tarmac designed to withstand a 1,000-tonne rolling load, and four large sheds for dry work, paint booths and crew quarters.

Shed No 1, which could have accommodated up to two seaplanes when it was a military air base, can now house up to three 50m yachts for paint work.

Beyond its accommodation capacity, the centre can also receive large yachts with a draught of up to 10m, plan work throughout the year, and welcome crew in optimal conditions with its fitness centre, indoor and outdoor kitchens, lounge area and multimedia room.

Founded in 1987 for the construction of aluminium passenger transport vessels, IMS Shipyard has been carrying out naval refitting, repair and maintenance since 1992. The company has an annual turnover of around €9m and is owned by Florent Battistella, whose Nepteam holding company has invested around €23m in the new IMS 700 site.