MagicEzy product range

MagicEzy product range

Australian nanotechnology specialist MagicEzy has announced a 3-year repair warranty on its 9-Second Chip Fix, Hairline Fix and MegaFusion products.

Commenting on the announcement, MagicEzy CEO and surface repair expert, Warwick Lindsay, says: “We’re confident that MagicEzy products aren’t only a faster way for professionals and DIY boaters alike to fix scratches, cracks, chips and gouges — they’re also a far more effective method when it comes to appearance and durability. This new 3-Year Repair Guarantee shows the boating industry and consumers that we are confident to stand behind the repair durability of our products,” concludes Lindsay.

MagicEzy’s patent-pending formulas have been specifically engineered to provide structural and cosmetic repairs that stand up to moisture, heat, sun, flexing hull surfaces and more.

MagicEzy 9-Second Chip Fix and Hairline Fix formulas come in 11 colours, providing a match for many of the most popular fibreglass hull colours.   Built-in UV filters ensure that MagicEzy repairs keep their strength and won’t fade. The products include a built-in anti-bacterial formulation that ensures that MagicEzy repairs resist mould and mildew — important properties in a constantly moist environment.

Under the terms of the guarantee, MagicEzy will cover repairs made with its products for a period of three years.  In addition, the product is guaranteed to have a two-year shelf life and a six-month shelf life after opening. If its products fail to provide this level of performance when properly used, MagicEzy will provide customers with a refund of the purchase price.