New structural floor was developed by Dheler in collaboration with Judel/Vroljik & Co

New carbon cage hull was developed by Dheler in collaboration with Judel/Vroljik & Co

German boatbuilder Dehler has demoulded the first unit of its new Dehler 34. The boat is now ready to enter the assembly line at the shipyard in Greifswald.

With a length of 10.3m and a 3.6m beam, the new sailing yacht is the third project to feature Dehler’s carbon cage hull as standard.

The new structural floor was firstly introduced in 2014 with the launch of the Dehler 46 followed by the Dehler 42 launched last year.

Dehler Carbon Cage hull
The hull for the new Dehler 34 is built with a full sandwich core, but the boatbuilder says it differentiates itself from others in that what has been a steel frame in the first Dehler 34 in the 80s, is now the Dehler Carbon Cage.

Developed in collaboration with Judel/Vroljik & Co, the new Dehler Carbon Cage gives the Dehler 34 a higher rigidity, the German builder claims.

The floor structure, which is the backbone of a yacht, is reinforced with uni-directional carbon fibre at strategic points.

The Dehler Carbon Cage is said to increase the rigidity of the floor structure by 20%. Dehler says the mast base is even 50% stronger, providing an ideal force distribution.

A stable structure is of advantage especially on sailing yachts since it directly affects the sailing performance. Thanks to tha carbon cage hull, the new Dehler 34 would be able to go closer to the wind than other series production yachts, as the tension of the rig remains consistently high even in rough seas.