Oceanco and Vitters Shipyard in the Netherlands have announced the launch of an 85m Tripp Design sailing yacht. The project is the outcome of a collaboration between the two yards and has until now been shrouded in secrecy.

Oceanco and Vitters worked closely together throughout the project. During the design engineering study, the specification was defined by the yards’ teams, in close cooperation with the naval architect Tripp Design and interior designers Dölker + Voges, and the owners and their representatives, Master Yachts.

A strong emphasis has been placed on performance, meaning the vessel delivers the responsive handling of a much smaller yacht. These competitive sailing capabilities promise to come with a relative ease of handling. The shipyards say the yacht offers state-of-the-art technology and reliability, with exceptional space, comfort and luxury – a combination rarely found on sailing yachts.

Special attention has been given to the development of sailing systems, which had to be, first and foremost, safe, strong and light. This challenging project involved the custom development of winches, up to 40 tonnes, furlers and ground-breaking masts and rigging.

The unique steering system, developed by Vitters Shipyard, completes the sailing experience – by translating the hydrodynamic forces on the underwater rudder blades directly to the Fly Bridge steering wheels, this steering system provides the helmsman with immediate feedback, and sensitivity for the yacht’s movement.

Oceanco has brought to the project innovations and experience in building large custom power yachts in the 80m-plus range, and Vitters Shipyard has brought its vast experience in building large, high performance sailing yachts. Capitalising on each other’s strengths, the teams broke boundaries with not only the size, but also the complexity of an extensive array of advanced systems.