SCIGRIP, the global supplier of smart adhesive solutions, has announced the successful completion of the SCIGRIP Solar Boat’s sea trials in preparation for Solar1 Monte Carlo Cup next month.

The newly modified, lightweight powerboat took to the water at Gdynia Marina in Poland in relatively calm conditions with a light offshore wind. The team onboard reported that they achieved a top speed of 26 km/h.

To retain a competitive edge, the SCIGRIP Solar Team cannot divulge too much technical information but they can reveal the modified SCIGRIP Solar Boat features a number of performance enhancing features, including lightweight solar panels and a carbon fibre composite deck cored with PVC foam to reduce weight on board and increase speed.

A specially mounted drive system has also been assembled to aid the boat’s stability in rough waters and improve steering control for the skipper.

SCIGRIP adhesives have been used throughout the vessel to assemble significant sections of the structure.