BD56 features a retractable keel carbon fibre mast, roller furling mainsail, self tacking jib and two 300hp outboard motors

BD56 features a retractable keel, carbon fibre mast, roller furling mainsail, self tacking jib and outboard motors

BD Yachts in Spain has revealed more details about its crossover project BD56. The boatbuilder defines this model as a “seagoing SUV” featuring all the advantages of sail and motor boating.

The 16.6m project was unveiled earlier this year and the Spanish boatbuilder claims that it has received a number of questions, particularly regarding the propulsion package.

While developing the project, the team of engineers and naval architects found that the inboard propulsion systems available were inefficient for the BD56. “For a high-speed design, high thrust propellers are required, but they are unavailable in a folding version, necessary to reduce drag when sailing,” BD Yachts says in a statement.

Retractable propellers were another possible solution, but the company argues that they are technically complicated and have reliability issues, as well as being very costly due to necessary customization.

“This project needed the most efficient and convenient propulsion system available on the market, requiring reliability, ease of use and maintenance, a sufficient power to weight ratio, and very importantly, a way to reduce drag from submersed appendages: shafts, struts and propellers,” BD Yachts explains adding that for these reasons it has chosen outboard engines.

With thrust at a 0o angle to the DWL with an outboard engine, the drive applied by the propeller is equivalent to the drive applied by a conventional shaft at a 10o angle. “In addition, the possibility of changing the thrust line angle provides for even greater efficiency,” the company says.

Photo courtesy of BD Yachts

Photo courtesy of BD Yachts

In addition, and given the low weight of the outboards, the position of the CoG in balancing the hull with drive applied from the stern is equivalent to that of a conventional inboard configuration.

The engines are hidden in the transom of the boat below the deck, well ventilated and with sufficient space to be lifted out of the water when sailing.

The power available for this boat is either one 200hp engine providing for  up to 11.5ks or two 350hp engines for up to 21ks.

Mercury motors are proposed by the yard but the company says the owner can choose any motor brand available globally.

The BD56 has been designed and engineered by Barcelona Yacht Design Group (BYDGROUP). Delivery time for the first unit is 15 months.