The company will be exhibiting the E-STEER, its electronic steering system, an upgraded version of its Express Joystick System, and a revamped EC-300 Power Commander control system. The equipment wil be on display both in its booth and on its Maritimo C60 demo boat.


Demo boat: A 19.8m Maritimo C60, diesel-powered boat with conventional driveline

Twin Disc has announced that it will debut three new products at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show 2016. FLIBS is set to open its doors from 3–7 November.

The company will be exhibiting the equipment both in its booth and on its Maritimo C60 demo boat.

The marine propuslsion specialist says, E-STEER, its electronic steering system, provides a bold, new approach to marine steering.

Twin Disc explains: “Avoiding the pitfalls of traditional hydraulic setups, the electronic helm is connected to the hydraulic-powered rudder(s) via wires, reducing leaks and loss of steerage.”

The E-STEER system features speed sensing technology, which provides helmsmen adaptive resistance, so the helm is firmer when at full throttle and lighter when manoeuvring slowly.

Additionally, E-STEER offers dynamic rudder control so that the range of rudder movement is proportional to the vessel’s speed, preventing sudden, intentional or accidental changes while at speed.


Also available to test at the show is Twin Disc’s Express Joystick System (EJS). The manufacturer says the unit now comes with the option of a module that interfaces with a broad range of CAN-based digital thruster systems.

“This provides owners the ability to take advantage of the state-of-the-art EJS and select the thruster that is most appropriate to their vessel,” Twin Disc says.

Also set to debut at FLIBS is a completely rethought EC-300 Power Commander control system.

The control head now features a magnetic, contact-less hall effect sensor that won’t wear out, rather than a traditional electro-mechanical version.

It senses the most minute lever position and provides instantaneous control over the QuickShift transmissions. Paired with the new graphic display panel, it offers the future of marine propulsion today.

Demos will be available at the show on Twin Disc’s 19.8m Maritimo C60, a large, diesel-powered, conventional driveline boat.