UK-based RIB manufacturer Ballastic has announced that its range of high-speed, dual-purpose rigid inflatable boats are set to make their Australian debut exclusively at the 2015 Gold Coast International Marine Expo. The show is scheduled to run from 21-24 May at the Gold Coast Marine Precinct located in Queensland, Australia.

“Ballistic is already a recognised brand in the United States, the United Kingdom and South Africa, where they are manufactured,” says Magnus Maynard from Ballistic RIBs Australia. “They have unique reverse-scalloped chines that guarantee speed and stability, as well as a reinforced deep V-shaped hull which ensures exhilarating lift and performance,” he adds.

Maynard also explained that Ballistic RIBs are perfect for both offshore sea conditions as well as inland lakes and rivers.

Ballistic RIBs Australia looks after a range from 3.3m to 7.8m RIBS, but the line up has never before been exhibited at a boat show in Australia, and nor have the Ballistic trailers that are hot-dipped galvanized and constructed to withstand the roughest terrains, as well as being fully equipped with disc brakes and waterproof lights.

Commenting on the product debut, Andrew Nevin from Ballistic RIBs Australia says: “We are looking forward to making contact with prospective buyers, dealers and brokers. Building on our success in New South Wales we are looking to expand Ballistic into the Queensland market in the latter half of this year, and then into Western Australia.”

Ballistic Rigid Inflatable Boats is headquartered in Portsmouth, in the UK.