Dutch firm Van Cappellen Consultancy, which provides specialist services in noise and vibration control for luxury yachts and merchant vessels, has started building its own testing facility.

The idea for the facility was prompted by the regular requests from manufacturers of insulation materials and shipyards to advise them in their search for improvements.

Van Cappellen Consultancy has now completed the last stages of building and, after intensive testing the facility, is now ready to offer new skills; Sound Transmission Loss (TL) and Damping Loss Factor (DLF) testing.

The company has been active in the maritime sector as an engineering company since 1984. Its founder, Willem van Cappellen, a former Dutch pleasure craft designer, gained his knowledge in vibration control as lead engineer at MARIN, Loggers and Rubber Design. When asked by Feadship and Royal Huisman in the early ’80s, he extended his knowledge to yacht acoustics and formed the basis for the company as it is today.

More images of the testing facility can be found here.