US yacht design firm Zurn Yacht Design has announced the restyling of the NEB/Zurn 50, a semi-custom built vessel that combines the work of yacht designer Doug Zurn and the construction techniques of New England Boatworks.

First launched in 2013 as a custom commuter boat, the NEB/Zurn 50 focuses on owner-tailored specifications, while maintaining its iconic New England design, modern marine engineering, and composite hull construction.

“Designed as a true high performance cruiser, her lightweight hull, ease of manoeuvring, and the optional MAN 1,550 hp diesel engines makes the NEB/Zurn 50 one of the fastest day boats of its type, with a top speed of 60 knots,” explains the builder in a statement. Ideal for in-port use as a cruiser, the boat is also well suited for covering long distances quickly.

The NEB/Zurn 50 is offered standard with twin MAN 1,200 hp diesels and Rolls Royce jet drives. It cruises at 40 knots, reaching 50 knots incorporating the latest integrated ride control technology to insure ease of manoeuvring.

“We are very excited about the re-launch of the NEB/Zurn 50 and our ongoing collaboration with New England Boatworks,” says Doug Zurn, founder of Zurn Yacht Design. “This flagship vessel not only stands out for the beauty of its design and construction, but no other vessel of its kind can reach these speeds with such efficiency. In fact, there is no other boat of its type that touches its speed,” he concludes.

Construction details

The hull and deck is built using high-tech, epoxy resin infused composite construction.

Even with the open Pilot House and engine boxes in the deck, the NEB/Zurn 50 is a noticeably quiet ride with sound levels at the helm of 85 dB(A) at 40 kt cruise, thanks to the Marine Exhaust inline silencers and extensive noise and vibration treatments by Soundown.

Construction is scheduled for completion in 10 months.