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  • Japan Stats&Facts_April-May Issue_crop2


    2020-10-12T16:34:00Z IBI


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    Market Overview | Taiwan

    2020-08-19T21:25:00Z IBI

    Taiwan got to grips with the Covid breakout better than any other country, but it’s legion of local builders may yet bear the brunt of the pandemic as it continues to ravage crucial export markets

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    Market Overview | Europe

    2020-08-19T14:06:00Z IBI

    The fallout of Covid-related lockdowns and safety protocols has had far-reaching impacts on Europe’s industry, but there are winners amid the upheaval.  What does this mean for the boating sector?

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    Market Overview | Denmark

    2020-04-27T07:56:00Z IBI

    Full order books and momentum from a healthy 2019 have bought builders and their suppliers vital time in the COVID-19 battle

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    Market Overview | Finland

    2020-04-27T07:47:00Z IBI

    Off the back of one of the most positive Helsinki boat shows in years, Finland’s marine industry had been looking forward to a buoyant 2020. Now it waits anxiously to see what tomorrow brings

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    Market Overview | Gemany

    2020-04-27T07:38:00Z IBI

    Cracks were already beginning to appear in the industry, despite a buoyant Boot Düsseldorf, with growing sales of bigger boats masking softness in other sectors. Covid-19 has now set alarm bells ringing

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    Market Overview | France

    2020-02-19T15:10:00Z IBI

    Ten years after the 2008 financial crisis, a smile has returned to the faces of leisure boat professionals in France. But the good results are mainly from exports as the home market remains lacklustre

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    Market Overview | Italy

    2020-02-19T14:14:00Z IBI

    Italy’s industry is riding high, but can the growth rate be sustained?  Exports and confidence continue to rise as the industry gets ready for what it predicts will be another good year

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    Market Overview | Canada

    2020-02-19T13:04:00Z IBI

    One step forward, one step back – a turbulent trade landscape has presented its share of challenges to the Canadian boat industry, where it seems like every win is met with another fresh roadblock

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    Market Overview | Turkey

    2020-01-20T13:03:00Z IBI

    Political and macro-economic forces have conspired against the boating sector in recent years, but with a well-proven build and refit capability and low cost base, it’s hard to keep the Turkish market down for long – the mood is optimistic for 2020

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    Market Overview | UK

    2019-12-20T16:03:00Z IBI

    Standing strong in the face of adversity

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    Market Overview | Netherlands

    2019-11-05T22:53:00Z IBI

    It’s no longer just the superyacht sector grabbing headlines; the Dutch market is back, with most sectors enjoying solid growth, though economic uncertainty continues to make sales hard won

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    Market Overview | USA Equipment

    2019-11-05T21:17:00Z IBI

    In spite of ongoing tariffs and trade disputes, the US marine equipment market continues to surge driven by unprecedented technological innovation

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    Market Overview | South Africa

    2019-08-28T05:14:00Z IBI

    While Catamarans are not the only pleasure boats built in South Africa, the market is clearly dominated by cruising cats – both big and small, power and sail

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    Market Overview | Europe

    2019-08-28T04:33:00Z IBI

    2019 looks set to be a decent year, but the threat of a ’No-Deal Brexit’ and a general global economic slowdown mean  prospects for 2020 look less rosy

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    Market Overview | New Zealand

    2019-06-26T07:29:00Z IBI

    Despite no longer being a force in big boat prodction, New Zealand’s industry remains in rude health, buoyed by a booming trailer boat sector and vibrant export-focused equipment manufacturers

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    Market Overview | South Korea

    2019-06-24T07:14:00Z IBI

    South Korea has matured over the past 10 years into a middle class boating market with an emphasis on small boats and sea fishing

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    2018-11-16T06:02:00Z IBI


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    Market Overview | Europe

    2018-11-16T03:00:00Z IBI

    Europe posted its fastest growth since 2007 as economic recovery consolidated and delivered real GDP growth of 2.6% in 2017. Against that backdrop, a return of consumer confidence and willingness to spend on discretionary items finally gave traditional boating markets in Europe the boost they needed to put boat sales ...

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    Market Overview | Germany

    2018-05-21T16:57:00Z IBI

    Confidence in Germany’s marine leisure industry is high and builders’ order books are full, but changing boat usage, dated business models, and an ageing demographic present both challenges and opportunities