Wetwheels and Blue Marine Foundation to share proceeds of this year’s DAME Design Award

METSTRADE organiser Amsterdam RAI has announced that the proceeds of this year’s DAME Design Award will be shared amongst two charities – Wetwheels and the Blue Marine Foundation.

Wetwheels builds disabled people’s confidence by providing the opportunity to access the sea in a fun, safe, stimulating and rewarding way using specially designed, fully accessible powerboats. At the heart of its work is ensuring participants are actively engaged in a truly inclusive experience open to all disabled people. The DAME Awards funds will be used to provide active, participatory, therapeutic, outdoor sea-going adventures to disabled people and their friends, family or carers in coastal locations around the UK.

The Blue Marine Foundation is dedicated to restoring the health of the worlds’ oceans by creating marine-protected areas, developing models of sustainable fishing, repairing key marine habitats and protecting vulnerable and threatened species. The charity will use the DAME donation for a project in the Aeolian Islands aimed at improving the marine environment and ensuring a harmonious marine industry for local fishers and leisure boats. The funds will go towards the purchase of a research and patrol vessel that will be used for monitoring, research and educational purposes.

Both charities pursue marine-related objectives and the METSTRADE Exhibition committee was impressed with the presentations by Wetwheels and the Blue Marine Foundation.

A cheque will be handed over to representatives from the two organisations on Tuesday 13 November at the DAME Awards ceremony, which takes place during the METSTRADE 2018 Breakfast Briefing.

The final deadline to enter this year’s DAME Design Award is 18 September. Participation is open to manufacturers and authorised suppliers who are registered as exhibitors or co-exhibitors at the METSTRADE Show. For more details, see the METSTRADE Exhibitor Portal or contact METSTRADE at dame@rai.nl