• Sea you Twerk

    Owner of illegal Miami charter gets federal prison time


    Dallas Ladd will serve 30 days in federal prison as the result of an illegal charter operation he ran, despite US Coast Guard warnings to cease and desist. The 38-year-old Miami Beach, Florida resident is also prohibited from owning or even boarding a boat for three years after his release, ...

  • News

    Port of San Diego drafts illegal charter ordinance


    Many major US cities are seeing an increase in illegal charter operations, and the Port of San Diego, California, is releasing a long-awaited draft ordinance that would give the port district oversight of charter vessel operations.

  • Cayman Registry flag2

    Cayman Coast Guard Commandant joins regulatory push


      The move toward commercial and recreational boating regulations for the Cayman Islands is gaining momentum with the nation’s Coast Guard Commandant joining the push and drafting regulations that would apply to commercial vessels operating in the islands with laws for private boaters to follow.

  • us-flag-21-apr-2017.jpeg

    US boating accidents, deaths down in 2018


    The United States Coast Guard (USCG) has released safety statistics for 2018 that show a decline in both boating accidents and deaths from the previous year.

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    Minnesota boat dealer pleads guilty to US$3.2m tax fraud


    A Minnesota marine dealer has entered a guilty plea in Washington County District Court to defrauding the state out of approximately US$3.2m in sales tax, penalties and interest.

  • Orion and Smugglers Marine

    NZ builders return to amphibious boat market


    NZ boatbuilders Orion and Smuggler Marine have resumed production of their amphibious boats following a Court of Appeal decision last month that Sealegs had previously won in order to stop them from making amphibious vessels.

  • HPiVS-CEproof alastair-reay-craig-morris

    Marine compliance firms merge


    HPi Verification Services (HPiVS), the UK’s only Notified Body for the EU Recreational Craft Directive (RCD), has merged with RCD specialist CEproof to create HPi-CEproof. Both companies are leading players in the global marine compliance industry.

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    Pressure mounting on Cayman Islands to enact boating regulations


    Pressure from assembly could see host of boating regulations passed in 2016 finally enacted into law

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    Pontoon boat accident leads to calls for rental rule review


    In the wake of a rental boat capsize that dumped 15 vacationers in the Ocean City Inlet channel in Maryland on August 1, some are questioning regulations surrounding boat rentals and what repercussions rental companies face when an accident occurs.

  • Container Ship Unloading

    Trump blinks on new tariff threat


    US President Donald Trump has softened his position on a threat made earlier this month to levy a new 10% tariff on US$300bn worth of Chinese goods not already subject to existing tariffs.

  • HFW partner Jay Tooker

    UK-based law firm to open Monaco office


    HFW, the UK-based international law firm, has announced that it is boosting its global yacht practice with the launch of a Monaco office. It will be staffed by a team led by partner Andrew Charlier, former global head of yachts at Ince Co.

  • great-masurian-lakes-poland_2

    Poland to launch new yacht registration system in 2020

    2019-08-12T13:59:00Z IBI , by Jaroslaw Adamowski

    Poland’s law on the registration of yachts and other craft of up to 24m (79ft) is set to enter into force on 1 January 2020, introducing new fees for local yacht owners and capping them based on a percentage of the country’s minimum wage.

  • Breakwater

    Canadian boat dealer subject of fraud investigation


    The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) have arrested one person and siezed a number of boats as part of an ongoing fraud investigation into a Vancouver-area boat dealership.

  • Rafting 2

    Inflatable watercraft, paddles gain exemption from US tariff list


    The Office of the US Trade Representative (USTR) has announced that certain inflatable boats, kayaks, canoes and paddles have been excluded from a list of Chinese imports subject to tariffs.

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    Yacht broker sues developer for US$725,000 commission


    A pair of lawsuits that span the Eastern seaboard of the United States are pitting a New York real estate developer against his long-time yacht broker who claims he was cheated out of a US$725,000 sales commission.

  • Container-ship-arriving-in-San-Francisco

    Trump threatens additional 10% tariff on Chinese goods


    US President Donald Trump took to Twitter on Thursday afternoon threatening to impose a new 10% tariff on an estimated US$300bn worth of goods imported into the US from China

  • Abandoned-boat

    Canadian government implements new legislation to deal with abandoned boats


    The Government of Canada is busy this week promoting the official implementation of its new Wrecked, Abandoned or Hazardous Vessels Act, which provides fines of up to C$50,000 for individuals and $250,000 for businesses which are found to be guilty of abandoning boats.

  • Washington

    US Coast Guard funding bill includes key boating industry priorities


    Last week’s passage of the Coast Guard Authorization Act by the US House of Representatives includes some key provisions sought and support by the marine industry through the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA).

  • More handcuffs

    Australian mother charged with buying “getaway yacht” for son to evade cocaine charges


    Four years after millionaire Markis Turner jumped bail to escape charges of importing 71kg of cocaine into Australia and two years after his arrest on those charges, the man’s mother has been charged with the purchase and provisioning of a getaway yacht that allowed her son to flee authorities, leading ...

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    EU targets illegal tax breaks for yachts in Cyprus and Italy


    The European Union Commission (EUC), in its ongoing mission to rid the EU of “unfair tax avoidance practices,” is taking steps to end illegal tax breaks in the yacht industries of Italy and Cyprus.