Italian builder records CAGR of 29% over six year period

Italian online daily newspaper Italy Post has named Absolute Yachts as one of its ’1,000 champions’ - a survey of domestic firms that have shown the highest growth rates from 2012-2018. The Italian boatbuilder registered a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 28.71% for the six year from 2012 to 2018. 

The boatbuilder confirmed today that it was still in full production and that it had taken precautionary measures to protect employees. So far it had no recorded incidents of Covid-19.

Absolute SpA 2018 Results              € mil
* ModeFinance Srl: Company has strong credit worthiness
Net Assets 24.8
Revenue Metrics  
-  Annual turnover (2018) 60.9
-  Annual turnover (2012) 13.4
-  Turnover CAGR 2012-2018 12.7%
Profitability Metrics  
-  EBITDA 2018 15.1
-  EBITDA margin (3-year avg) 24.7%
-  EBIT 2018  9.7
-  Return on equity 2018 39.2%
Employees 74
MORE Rating AA*

Absolute on expansion trail as award-winning production methods bear fruit