Central marketing and admin hub designed to increase efficiency and free up the sales force

Australian brokerage YOTI, celebrating its tenth anniversary, has amalgamated the administration and marketing side of its business via the creation of a central control hub using cloud-based technology that it says will increase efficiency and free up the sales force to spend even more time meeting sailors, conducting test sails and inspections and sailing boats.

“Cloud based technology allowing on-the-go communication and collaboration across the network sees the sales force now free to work independently of a traditional bricks and mortar office,” says YOTI managing director Tim Vine.

Founded by Vine and John Cowpe “in a shoe box and on a shoestring” at the height of the GFC in 2008, YOTI claims to have had the early backing of some of the industry’s best-known identities and has recorded year-on-year growth.

“We were the first to engage effectively and consistently in the social media space and our video production of every vessel ever listed means YOTI is now home to the largest broker archive in the world,” Vine added.

The first step in the reengineering of this brand has rolled out with the centrally managed hub now up and running.

YOTI says clients are engaging with the same YOTI team member they have always communicated with, and valuing a more comprehensive and targeted online presence on YOTI’s social media channels, in particular Facebook and Instagram.

“The future is bright for our Australian owned and operated business as we visualize a more efficient brokerage and the role of a broker in achieving a model that will allow YOTI to really expand our footprint across the country and into the regional sailing hot spots,” Vine summarised.