Elizabeth Anne Turner was arrested on Sunday

Four years after millionaire Markis Turner jumped bail to escape charges of importing 71kg of cocaine into Australia and two years after his arrest on those charges, the man’s mother has been charged with the purchase and provisioning of a getaway yacht that allowed her son to flee authorities, leading to a two-year international manhunt.

Elizabeth Anne Turner was charged in absentia this week at Mackay Magistrates Court with one count of giving false testimony and another of attempting to pervert justice. She was taken to hospital following her arrest on Sunday. The offences carry a maximum 15-year prison sentence, according to 7 News Television.

Markis Turner, a one-time mining businessman, vanished in 2015 while he was out on bail for the smuggling charges.

In 2016, the elder Turner was summoned to explain her son’s disappearance before the Supreme Court, where she claimed she had not had contact with her son for several weeks and she was of the opinion he had committed suicide.

Following two years of investigation since Markis Turner was apprehended in the Philippines in 2017, police now claim his mother was lying and that she actually abetted her son by purchasing the yacht and preparing it for him to flee.

Australian Federal Police Acting Commander Peter Bodel said it had been a long investigation.

“Since the investigation was launched in 2011, members of the Australian Federal Police have spent countless hours bringing these people to justice,” Bodel said.

“This arrest in Queensland shows just how relentlessly the AFP will pursue not only those who try to bring drugs into this country but also those individuals who support organised crime.”