Capria adds distributor to cover UK and Ireland

Capria S.A. has signed P and D Marine Services Ltd to distribute its dry stacking cranes and boat launching systems throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland. Company director Andres Capria made the announcement.

Since it was established in 2009, The Pontoon & Dock Company Ltd has supplied the marina and marine construction segments with a wide range of products throughout Ireland and the UK. It carries cranes, hoists, lifts and transporters, dredge machines, and floating pontoons, docks and work platforms. This year, it formed P and D Marine Services to specialize in boatyard offerings such as service, maintenance, repair, inspections, audits, reviews and training. The company’s website is

“We’re pleased to welcome P and D Marine Services,” said Capria. “They have the experience and technical insight needed to well represent our technologically advanced dry stacking cranes and launchers.” With this new distributor, Capria’s distribution network now covers the Americas, Europe and Australasia.

CE-marked with ISO 9001 certification, Capria says its dry stack system can get a boat from storage rack to floating in less than three minutes. It does this by use of semi-automated Top- and Bottom-Running Cranes and a range of vessel launchers. The result is an efficient, cost-effective solution that operates using less space and personnel. Completely electric, it’s eco-friendly, exceptionally quiet and odor-free.