AYS Yacht Charters will operate in the Chesapeake Bay area

Annapolis Yacht Sales (AYS) is partnering with Navigare Yachting to bring a new yacht charter service to the Chesapeake Bay area of the US.

AYS Yacht Charters is offering what it calls in a company statement the opportunity to enjoy the “yachting world while leaving the maintenance and stress of ownership on the dock.”

The venture will also offer to broker charter cruises for yacht owners interesting in leasing their vessels.

One of the largest yacht dealers on the Chesapeake Bay, with Maryland offices in Annapolis and on Kent Island and an office in Virginia, AYS was started in 1953, was purchased in 2012 by retired Navy captain Rob Taishoff, and two long-time AYS employees; Chris Humphreys, and Tim Wilbricht.

“Our modern and well-equipped fleet and superb service are guaranteed to create your stress-free dream holiday,” said Saun Guevarra, charter sales and base manager for AYS Yacht Charters in the statement.

Representing seven brands of new boats and yachts, AYS is also the largest brokerage house in the Mid-Atlantic for previously-owned yachts.