Turnover up 10% and profits even more

The Azimut-Benetti Group celebrated reaching 50 years of age in style at a gala event at the famous Eilenroc Villa with over 500 people, including at least 250 clients participating. The event went on long into the evening and included a bespoke fashion show by Giorgio Armani. Azimut-Benetti is the world’s largest producer of superyachts, a position it has held for around 20 years.

In an appropriate appearance, group founder Paolo Vitelli told the gathering that the past year had been a good one during which turnover had risen over 10% and that profits had increased by even more. He thanked the group’s workforce and indicated that the new management team that was installed over the last year or so would be receiving shares as a thank-you “because they had earned them and deserved them”, Vitelli said.

As part of the 50th birthday, a new book called ‘Riding the Wave’ has been produced. This comprises two key areas – namely, ‘A Story Within the Story: Azimut-Benetti’ written by Paolo and Giovanna Vitelli, and ‘The Italian Yachting Industry since the 1950s’ written by Marila Guadagnini.

The description of this volume was outlined as follows: “Whilst we take a brief, nostalgic look back at the early origins of Italian boatbuilding, our true starting point is the 1950s and the post-war boom days when enlightened, free-thinking personalities pioneered a new approach to leisure yachting. The 50th anniversary of Azimut-Benetti seemed the perfect occasion to not only look back on our own story, but that of the entire industry. Whilst the book recounts how Paolo Vitelli built the world’s leading luxury yacht brand, together with Giovanna Vitelli’s vision for its future, it is also intended to be a wide-ranging and candid account of an industry which has evolved in an extraordinary manner over the past 70 years.”

It is said that the book is full of anecdotes, facts, insights and inspiring and evocative photos and that it is intended as a homage to the fascinating, compelling world of Italian luxury yachts which represent a dream and the lifestyle like no other.