Showa Denki Group Marine named as exclusive distributor in Japan, Thailand, Taiwan and South Korea

Showa Denki Group Marine (SDG) will serve as the exclusive distributor for Bass Cat boats in Japan, Thailand, Taiwan and South Korea in a deal signed last week.

The move follows the acquisition by SDG of Bass Cat’s previous Japanese dealer BeFreek, and driven by what a joint statement from the two sides calls “the companies’ common values and the shared perception that the Asian market for premium boats is primed to expand as bass fishing opportunities there grow.”

“It’s a joy to see the stability and enthusiasm for bass fishing that Kensaku-san and the Showa Denki company bring to the Japanese market,” said Bass Cat President Rick Pierce. “We at Bass Cat Boats are proud to be partners with SDG because they have the vision and the ability to maximize our market presence abroad.”

SDG Marine CEO Kensaku Kashiwagi offered that Bass Cat’s distinguished history is consistent with the Japanese culture’s reverence for authenticity and quality.

“In Japan, there are many Bass Cat owners, and they love Bass Cat Boats,” Kashiwagi is quoted in the statement. “Starting with Japan, sports fishing will continue to grow in Asia. We at Showa Denki look forward to growing alongside Bass Cat Boats.”

The popularity of bass fishing exploded in Japan in the mid-1990s, about the time the sport was reaching its pinnacle in the US. Since that time, several Japanese anglers have competed in the professional bass fishing tournaments in the States.