Major expansion of Sanlorenzo brand also includes new-build facility near Viareggio

Bluegame BGX 70

The Bluegame BGX 70 is making its debut at Cannes

A major expansion of the Bluegame brand, under the Sanlorenzo umbrella, was announced at the start of the 2019 Cannes Yachting Festival.

The strategy includes four new models in the BG and BGX Bluegame boat series, a new BGM multihull series, and a new-build facility near Viareggio which is in development.

This arm of the Sanlorenzo group, led by Carla Demaria as CEO, has moved quickly since a majority stake was acquired just a year ago. Demaria is also heading up Sanlorenzo’s new High-End Division which is intended to develop new business projects in the future.

In regard to new BG and BGX models, the BGX70 is making its debut at CYF 2019 and the BG42, the second BG series model after the BG62, will be launched in January 2020. In addition, a new BG model for which no size has been given will be launched in 2021 and two new BGX models, again no sizes made known, will come in 2020 and 2021.

The BG42 will be powered by the new IPS 650 engine and be presented with new colours and features such as custom cushions.

As regards the entry into the multihull sector with the new BGM series, Demaria said: “We are strongly committed to become a leader in the multihull sector.”

No timing of when BGM models might be launched was given.

In respect of Bluegame, Demaria explained that Bluegame’s brand positioning was centred on having a “game changer attitude”. It is about being courageous and independent and not being tied to a conventional choice. The brand combines passion, innovative design and versatility. Being free from category conventions allows it to combine the power and luxury with the pleasure of embracing new challenges.

Explaining the planned entry into the multihull market, Demaria gave the following reasons:

  • In recent years the multihull sector has grown faster than any other segment
  • While the multihull sailing sector is 10 times higher than the motor one because it started earlier, in the last two years the motor multihull market has seen great acceleration
  • The market potential is high
  • Motor multihulls have led the segment in a movement towards a more beautiful, sophisticated and expensive product
  • The market is always looking for new solutions after coupe, lobster and shuttles; the luxury multihull motoryacht could be the new frontier in the future
  • The impressive acceleration of growth of the multihull segment in recent years is closely linked to the increased demand for sustainability

In regard to the latter point, Bluegame says it has developed the world’s first-ever direct mould that is made from 80% recyclable material. This project saw Sanlorenzo and Bluegame working in partnership with Politecnico di Milano, GS4C operating in the study of environmentally compatible industrial systems, and Rivierasca, owner of Glebanite technology.

Resin glass recovered at the end of life mixed with glass fibres and unsaturated polyester resins has allowed the creation of milling blocks with 80% of recycled material. This material will be recycled again.

“This technology reduces the environmental impact by creating a virtuous path of Circular Economy that from waste glass fibre allows to create blocks for milling new moulds,” Demaria commented. “Our philosophy is based on the development of environmentally friendly boats with technological contents aimed at maximum efficiency and energy saving using innovative materials and solutions. On such purpose we have created the Bluegame HTS Lab (High Technology and Sustainability Lab).”