Brunswick Corp has published its first company-wide sustainability report to showcase its efforts and successes in efforts to conserve resources, both natural and financial.

“Thinking Beyond the Horizon” is part of the company’s commitment to continually advance the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) performance of its business while continuing sustainability efforts on all levels.

Using more than a decade of sustainability programs and improvements at its largest division, Mercury Marine, Brunswick applied those award-winning strategies as a model for a multi-year effort across the rest of its marine holdings.

“Brunswick understands the impact its business has on the world and the opportunities we have to lead the way in sustainable, responsible practices. We are not only committed to meeting our fiscal responsibilities but also to developing and manufacturing products that are safe, responsible, and supportive of enjoyment and quality of life,” says CEO David Foulkes in a statement.

“The report highlights the fine work underway in each of our businesses and establishes a baseline for targeted improvement areas,” says Foulkes. “Our commitment to continuous improvement and developing and sharing best practices.”

Focused on energy, environment, products and people, the report highlights Brunswick’s ESG accomplishments and its long-term goals and objectives.

In 2019, Mercury’s sustainability efforts culminated in a 3% reduction in natural gas and electricity use while cutting water consumption by 15%, volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions by 19% and hazardous waste by 16%.

Additionally, Mercury Marine recycled nearly 18,000 tonnes of aluminium and reduced workplace accidents by 11% and adopted the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals to guide priorities, actions and improvement targets.

The full report can be accessed at