Thursday morning police raid sees one person arrested, multiple boats seized

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) have arrested one person and siezed a number of boats as part of an ongoing fraud investigation into a Vancouver-area boat dealership.

The investigation follows multiple consumer complaints to police against dealership Breakwater Marine, located in the Vancouver suburb of Surrey. On Thursday morning RCMP officers executed a search warrant at the dealership, where they seized a number of boats and arrested one individual. No further details were released, and so far no charges have been laid in connection to the investigation although police took to local media on Thursday asking other potential victims of fraudulent activity to come forward.

As police wrapped perimeter tape around the business and towed boats out of the lot Thursday, some Breakwater Marine customers spoke to local media about their experiences. Customer Nick Wu told CTV News that he brought his boat in for repair only to learn it was subsequently sold to another customer without his knowledge. “Just total shock. And then I was livid afterward. What do you mean you sold my boat?” said Wu. “I don’t know how that works because technically, I have not signed a single piece of paper. I never signed a consignment or sale, nothing.”

Another man told CTV News he was contacted by police regarding a Sea-Doo trailer that he had reported stolen 17 years ago, which was found on the dealership property. “We got a call today that our trailer is here and to come pick it up,” said Ron Berghuis. “I’m kind of disappointed the Sea-Doo is (still) missing.”

None of the allegations against Breakwater Marine have been proven in court, and the investigation continues.