Swedish engine specialist to launch two new models in a lower hp range at METSTRADE

Sweden’s Cimco Marine is to expand its existing portfolio of marine diesel outboards with two engines in a lower hp range – the OXE 125 and OXE 175.

The two new engines will be launched at the METSTRADE Show in Amsterdam from November 13-15.

Both engines will of interest to boaters wanting smaller engines. They will use the same power head as car manufacturer Opel – a 2lt diesel engine with turbo.

The smaller engine, the OXE 125, will be very sturdy, suitable for smaller fishing boats and for use within the oil and gas industry. In some regions, there are tax benefits from using an engine in this class.

The OXE 175 is aimed more at those who are currently using the OXE 150, but want a higher top speed or need to carry more weight in their boats.

Engines with efficiencies over 200hp will be developed when Cimco introduces a BMW turbo-charged 3lt diesel engine.