Italy’s Rama Motori SpA will represent Cimco’s OXE diesel outboard in the Mediterranean

Sweden’s Cimco Marine, manufacturer of the OXE diesel outboard, has entered into a distributor agreement with Rama Motori SpA of Italy – extending the availability of the OXE diesel engine in the Mediterranean.

Rama Motori has an extensive service network and reputation for aftersales support as an established John Deere distributor. The company specialises in engines for OEMs, spare parts and aftersales service, and the production and distribution of marine products with deep knowledge of the Italian commercial marine and superyacht markets through its Rama Marine division.

“I am sure that those end users that have been waiting for OXE diesel availability and support within this region will be very happy,” says Jim Denley, general sales manager at Cimco Marine AB.

Paolo Coccolini, Rama Motori’s general manager, and Alan Ferrari, sales manager for the Rama Marine division, said the partnership will arouse great interest in the Italian outboard motor market.

“OXE products are very good: top quality, quiet, very comfortable and respectful for the environment,” they said. ”This is certainly a novelty for the marine industry in Europe and a completely new concept in Italy, the first feedback received from important players are positive. Therefore we are confident to open a good business in our country soon.”

CIMCO recently unveiled plans to develop a new generation of six-cylinder diesel outboards under the BISON project. The prototypes are currently being built and are scheduled to hit the water in early July. Start of production is scheduled for spring 2020.