New facility near Den Bosch is better suited to the company’s needs

Dynamic Marine Systems (DMS Holland), the Dutch maker of roll-damping systems, has moved to a new facility near the city of Den Bosch that is better suited to its current and future needs.

The new headquarters extends over three floors and features various office and meeting rooms as well as a workshop with a warehouse. A 100sq m modular showroom is located on the top floor and by means of a very large scissor lift, the numerous demonstration models can be brought in and out of the showroom, meaning they can be retrieved and used for the many exhibitions in which DMS participates.

DMS produces a range of stabilising systems based on a rotating fins system that uses the Magnus Effect for stabilisation. These have been developed to meet the stabilisation requirements of a wide range of vessels including an innovative fold-away system for planing hulls.

“Given that our company is scaling up considerably with the production of MagnusMaster systems, we decided to already make provisions for a production space,” says Arnold van Aken, head of development and new projects at DMS.

“In the future we will be able to carry out the assembly of the systems in-house as opposed to outsourcing this as we currently do. This will give us even more control over the production process, quality and delivery times,” he says.

Patrick Noor, head of sales and marketing at DMS, adds: “We are very happy with these huge and wonderful steps that reflect the fact that this company is growing in a very healthy way.”