Dometic Marine, formerly SeaStar Solutions, closed its facility in Limerick, Pennsylvania on Friday after the state ordered all “non-life-sustaining” businesses to close for an undetermined period of time to help stem the spread of COVID-19.

The facility will remain closed as long as the order is in effect.

“We recognise the impact this closure will have on our employees, their families, customers and community at large,” said Dometic Marine president Eric Fetchko. “As painful and disruptive as this is, it is something that must be done to slow the spread of coronavirus and protect our families, our state, our nation and the world.

“If we all do our part, follow the directives of our local government and the CDC, and help one another whenever we can, we’ll come out of this crisis sooner rather than later.”

Dometic Marine’s Limerick manufacturing facility is the leading source of mechanical steering, controls and cables for the marine and boatbuilding industry. Key personnel from the facility will be working remotely to provide a level of service and ensure that the industry’s needs continue to be met.

There is inventory currently “in the pipeline” and the company says it is taking actions to minimise disruption to customers.

“At this time, all of our other Dometic Marine manufacturing facilities and offices remain open and in full operation,” Fetchko emphasised. “We are fully committed and prepared to exhaust all available options to meet the needs of the marine industry during this unparalleled and ever-changing situation.”