Allpa Marine Equipment grew sales by 8% in the first four months of 2019

Allpa Marine Equipment, a Dutch wholesaler with branches in the Netherlands and Germany, has reported an 8% jump in turnover in the first quarter of 2019, with sales benefitting from “nice weather” during the start of the year.

“Overall, we have seen more orders of a smaller amount per order,” Allpa CEO Mark Rutgers told IBI. “For Allpa, this is positive: here we distinguish ourselves from our competition by delivering directly from stock, in any order, size or quantity possible.”

Allpa has a diverse portfolio of technical products from steering, controls, engine equipment, propellers, shafts and generators, to plumbing, hatches and deck fittings, boat seats and related products, water pumps and chandlery products (fenders/safety/compasses etc). Allpa also carries its own rope line.

According to Rutgers, the aftermarket is showing growing interest in more technical components compared to just a few years ago. “This market trend is positive for our industry,” he told IBI.

Performing little maintenance during the winter season also resulted in customers launching boats in spring that still needed upkeep. Allpa is now benefitting from owners catching up on essential maintenance work.

“The result was a very good early spring, followed by a substantial uptick in business with generators, motor equipment, controls and other technical products being sold as of end of April in substantial numbers,” says Rutgers.

“All over, we see a tendency towards clients buying bigger-sized materials in spring and not so much in winter.”

Allpa has enjoyed a long relationship with a number of key partners over the years. Around 80% of Allpa’s products are now sold on an exclusive basis. “Our relationships with manufacturers last for 25 to 30 years on average during our almost 50 years of existence,” Rutgers adds.