Minze Walvius and Maurice van der Meché acquire right to market and develop new electric water transport craft

Bubble Taxi

A 100% electric SeaBubble taxi 

Two Dutch businessmen have acquired the exclusive right to sell and develop SeaBubbles – electric, hydrofoil water taxis and buses – in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Denmark and Dubai.

A three-year-old French startup, SeaBubbles designs and makes electric water transport craft. Its “ecosystem” is growing and will in the years ahead comprise autonomous water taxis, buses for up to 90 passengers, an app and a docking system with power points.

Dutch businessmen Minze Walvius and Maurice van der Meché say they have acquired the right to market and develop SeaBubbles products in the four European nations and Dubai.

The edgy “Bubbles” are 100% electric passenger craft. A starter model measures 5m x 2.5m (16.4ft x 8.2ft) and holds five people, including the driver. Twin 18kW engines render a top speed of 18kt.

SeaBubbles plans to be active in 50 cities by 2024, all mooring at innovative docking/energy stations.

“We open waterways by creating a new way to move at car speed, for the price of a regular cab. With no impact on either the environment on urban infrastructure,” says Anders Bringdal, a two-time world champion windsurfer (2009 and 2010) and SeaBubbles co-founder with French yachtsman Alain Thebault.

Thebault headed the team behind l’Hydroptere, the French experimental hydrofoil trimaran that in 2009 set a world record with a speed of 50.17kt (92.91km/h)