Builder looking to double overseas sales within two years

A Japanese boatbuilder is looking to engage distributors for its range of pleasure craft, with New Japan Marine targeting the markets of South-East Asia and, ultimately, Europe and North America. 

Headquartered in Ise City, in central Japan, the company produces around 100 boats a year, including as an OEM supplier of pleasure vessels to Yamaha Motor Co. and Toyota Marine. New Japan Marine also produces water taxis, pilot boats and small vessels for the Japanese government, but is particularly keen to expand its sales network overseas. 

“At present, we sell around 10 units a year in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong or Singapore and we would like to work with a distributor to explore other markets in Asia initially, such as Vietnam, the Philippines and Thailand,” said Morgan Yin, export sales manager. 

“The Japanese brand is trusted in these markets and the logistics cost is relatively cheaper, but we are hoping that growth in this region will enable us to sell in Europe and North America as well.”

NJM’s best-selling craft in the Japanese market is the NSC265, a 7.98-metre catamaran design with a maximum capacity of 12 people and popular among fishermen.

Among foreign buyers, the NSB28 Cubic Salon is the top-selling boat, at 8.45 with a similar capacity of 12 people.  

Yin said JSM, which was founded in 1964 and has a staff of 70, is looking for “reliable and professional distributors who can take care of after-sales services independently, keep up a steady sales volume, order demonstration boats and keep a certain number in stock.” 

And the aim, he said, is to double overseas sales within the next two years.